Notary Q & A Modules

Try our online question and answer materials for FREE! It has been designed to make you think more about what you need to remember to do as a Notary. These modules were designed for two purposes:

Why You Need Theses Modules

1. You may find you have forgotten some things between the time you took the class and exam to the issuance of your commission by the Secretary of State. It is taking quite a while from the time the livescan fingerprints are taken until you file your oath of office and are expected to begin notarizing documents. These questions and answers should help.

2. These modules were also created to be useful as a method to understand many of the different topics you will need to know prior to taking the class and exam. By taking the State Examination immediately after a class, you will be more ensured that the information is still fresh in your mind.

3. These Questions and Answers are designed to help you recall some of the small and yet very important parts to performing a proper notarization. The answers were completed with added information so that you could use them as references in conjunction with the California Notary Handbook.

Q & A Module #1

Q & A Module #2

Q & A Module #3

All Three Q & A Modules #1-3